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Catching the Media’s Attention

Once you’ve taken all the steps in our last blog post: Before You Catch the Media’s Attention, which will ensure your organization is ready for media attention, you’re probably wonder how to catch their attention.

Have a good story

Making sure you have a good story is the first step. The story has to fit several guidelines:

-Make sure it is newsworthy. Recognize the stories versus the fluff.

-Release it in a timely. If it’s old news, no one will cover it.

-Make the story relevant by relating to current events or holidays.

Research and Target

Before you begin pitching, create a list of who you’re going to pitch to. You wouldn’t want to pitch a story about a startup venture to a sports reporter. Be respectful of reporter’s time by getting to know what topics they cover so that you can pitch them accordingly.  

When pitching email, remember to:

-Start with an attention-grabbing headline.

-Get right to the point. Reporters get flooded with emails each day. Don’t let yours get lost in the shuffle by writing an overly detailed, long-winded message.

-Keep it short. Just a few sentences should be all you need to get your point across.

Check out our next blog post: Preparing for the Your Close-Up to learn more about what to do once the media takes notice of your nonprofit.

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