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Before You Catch the Media’s Attention

So, you want to catch the media’s attention? Before you ask how to get attention, ask if your organization is prepared for attention. Following these tips will make for smooth sailing once you finally land on the media’s radar.

Create and maintain a professional website

Having a professional website is an investment, but one that is quite worth it. Sometimes, your website is the first and only thing people will see. You want the first impression to be a positive and memorable one.

Be sure to:

-Keep it updated.

-Link to social media sites.

-Keep a frequently updated blog.

Keep an updated media kit

If you want to see stories about your nonprofit in the news, then you have to make it easy for the journalists. It pays to have an updated media kit on hand to make sure reporters get all the information they need.

Your media kit should contain:

-Key information including history, mission and vision statements of the organization.

-High resolution photos, and possibly videos.

-Awards, achievements and press clippings.

-Contact information for interviews.

Walk the Walk; Talk the Talk

You can tout your organization all you want to the newspapers and television, but what will get the most attention? Word of mouth! You are part of the brand. Use networking opportunities and social media to help spread the word. If you’re passionate, people will take notice, including the media.

Be Prepared

Before you put yourself out there, you want to be prepared for media interviews. Be prepared to know:

-Who will be the spokesperson for the story you want to pitch

-The spokesperson’s title and contact information

-Know the answers to any possible questions

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