PPR Strategies

Mission & Values

Our Mission

Reimagining places demands a creative and integrated approach that’s tailored to each community or organization. The needs of a rural county may be quite different from those of a city center, so our approach is purposeful, inspiring, and customized to marketing and communications goals.

Our Values

At PPR Strategies, we value our relationships with our clients and with one another. We listen fully, opening our hearts and our minds to the challenges and solutions ahead. As advocates for our clients’ best interests, we value:

  •  Inclusive Collaboration: We stand for economic inclusion, equity, and diversity. We search for ways to become a part of the solution, whether that’s through the programs we create for our clients, or the dialogues we kickstart in our own communities.
  • A Team Approach: Collaboration and communication turn ideas into initiatives. We communicate well and often.
  • Chemistry: We give 100% to our work, and to each other. Chemistry creates a successful, happy workplace.
  • Excellence: We are efficient and our standards are exacting. A commitment to excellence is our client promise.
  • Continuing Education and Professional Development: Continuing education broadens our skill sets, confidence, and our community impact. We’re always learning and evolving.

Our Mission

At Platinum PR, we are passionate about supporting communities to prosper by helping them plan and execute strategic marketing and communications goals.

Our Values

Relationships: The Cornerstone of Our Company

We value our relationships with our clients and with one another in the company. We strive to connect deeply and quickly with each person we have the privilege to work with. We do this by listening to their goals and challenges so that we can see the world through their eyes and understand their stakeholders’ goals, needs, and wants. Understanding allows us to be advocates for our clients and their communities.

In our relationships with our clients and one another, we practice:

  • Listening: We listen to one another and our clients with full presence, attention, and curiosity.
  • The Golden Rule: We treat one another, our clients, and everyone we interact with respect and courtesy.
  • Teamwork and Collaboration: Teamwork and collaboration are incorporated into everything we do.
  • Inclusive Collaboration: We actively seek to build relationships and partnerships with those in underserved, underrepresented, or minority communities. Through working together and being in conversation together, we can create a more inclusive economy.
  • We Work Hard … and We Laugh Hard! We give 100% to our work, and we like to laugh and get to know each other too. After all, playfulness and connection support greater creativity, collaboration, and satisfaction for all of us.

Efficiency and Excellence

We bring a personal and highly creative touch to every aspect of our work. Our goal is never simply to get the job done but to think outside of the box, come up with creative solutions, and WOW our clients with our efficiency and excellence.

  • Thoroughness and a High Standard of Excellence for Work: We bring thoroughness to everything from a social media post to a website rebranding to a job proposal. Completing a project with thoroughness and excellence is our priority, versus racing to the finish line.
  • Understanding the Big Vision: A blog post isn’t just a task to check off a list; it’s part of a greater marketing plan that supports our clients with their important marketing goals. We understand the big vision of each task so we can deliver excellence in projects large and small.
  • Continued Education and Professional Development: We value continued education and professional development to continue growing, learning, and building valuable skill sets.

Diversity, Equity, and Economic Inclusion Education and Initiatives

We stand for economic inclusion, equity, and diversity.

We believe in educating ourselves and finding ways to become a part of the solution, whether that’s through the initiatives we create, the help we give our clients, our social media presence, or other new ideas.

Creative and Collaborative Thinking

Within our team, we invite creative and collaborative thinking. Our company runs on innovative ideas and implementation. We value ideas and input from each of our team members.