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2024 Content Inspiration Calendar

We know how overwhelming it can be to come up with new, fresh content every week. That’s why we create content calendars for ourselves and for our clients for the entire year ahead. This way, you always have ideas to work with, even if you tweak them as the year goes on.

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Social Media Guide for EDOs

Are you ready to transform your economic development organization’s social media presence? PPR Strategies’ latest Social Media Guide for EDOs is an important tool to help you on the journey… and it is our free gift to you! 

Navigating different social media platforms and how they can work for you organization doesn’t have to be challenging. Let us help!

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5 Tips on How to Get Additional Communications Support When You’re Down a Staff Person

Down a staff person and need some extra communications support? Cut down the stress right away with our free guide!

We’ll share five tips you can implement fast in order to get extra help with the important projects and those tasks that keep getting pushed to the side.

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How to Create a Podcast to Tell Your Story

Creating a podcast can be a great addition to your organization’s communications strategy – even if you’re a total beginner. In our free guide, you’ll learn:

  • The 7 steps between “having an idea for a podcast” to streaming your first episode
  • The most important questions to ask so that your podcast supports your overall marketing strategy
  • Tips for interviewing guests, dealing with the tech side, and making your podcast 100% professional
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Case Study: Creating a Diversity & Inclusion Pilot Program

In our “Diversity & Inclusion Pilot Program Case Study,” we break down the step-by-step framework we developed with the Frederick County OED to create and deliver their Diversity & Inclusion Pilot Program. 

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The Zoom Event Planning Checklist

Our Zoom Event Planning Checklist will help you prepare and plan for hosting webinars, virtual events, or multi-day conferences – whether you’re still getting used to Zoom or you’re ready to take things up a notch!

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Top Five Website Tips for EDOs

Find out the 5 non-negotiables every Economic Development website should have, the most important changes to make on your website NOW (even on a low budget), and the 3 key points to justify website upgrades to your stakeholders.

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Five Steps to Building Community Buzz

Want to get coverage in local papers, magazines, blogs, and social media? Then you’ve got to build solid relationships with the local press. This guide shows you the five ways build relationships with the press so you can get YOUR organization noticed!

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