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About EDO Breakthrough

From small towns to bustling cities, every place has its hurdles to overcome. Enter the EDO Breakthrough podcast! Join host Sandy Dubay and a rotating lineup of business pros, community champions, and modern mages as they tackle your toughest economic development puzzles. Together, they’ll dive into callers’ real-world development challenges and collectively brainstorm their solutions!

Great ideas can happen in a silo…but how often does that happen? By sharing our stories, challenges, and triumphs, we inspire impactful solutions to strengthen communities and pave the way for a brighter future. 

Together, we’re unstoppable! When our powers combine, we can make an EDO Breakthrough.

Community is the Heart of What We Do

At PPR Strategies, the community is at the heart of everything we do. Our team is passionate about telling the stories of placemaking organizations nationwide. We believe that economic development and placemaking have the power to transform lives and that the challenges our communities face are not always easily overcome.

Fortified by this commitment to the community, PPR Strategies has created the EDO Breakthrough podcast to offer a space where professionals like you can come together, raise our voices, and spark meaningful conversations about the issues that shape our growing communities. Join us on this exciting journey to progress!

Mission and Vision

Brought to you by the communications and marketing powerhouses at PPR Strategies, EDO Breakthrough’s enduring mission is to inform, educate, and share creative solutions to everyday economic development issues and initiatives. 

About the Host

Sandy Dubay, CEcD, is an entrepreneur, economic developer, and creative problem solver for place-based organizations. As the CEO and Founder of PPR Strategies, an economic development consulting firm specializing in strategic solutions and communications, Sandy’s passion lies in helping communities grow and share the secret of what makes them unique.  Since 2002, Sandy and the PPR team have supported economic development and tourism organizations, workforce development, various private sector industries, and non-profit institutions.

Before starting PPR Strategies, Sandy worked in economic development at the county level in West Virginia and Maryland. Sandy is a proud graduate of Shepherd University (go Rams!) with a Bachelor of Science in economics and business administration. She is an energetically active member of the Maryland Economic Development Association (MEDA), the International Economic Development Council (IEDC), Leadership Maryland, and her local Rotary Club. 

Sandy Dubay