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Your community’s story is a compelling one; let’s tell it together.

Together we’ll help your community stand out. Let our team of economic developers and communication experts expand your organization’s capacity. From marketing to content creation, strategy development to media relations, we shape your narrative. Our approach to storytelling is thoughtful, our passion is authentic, and delight is a guaranteed deliverable.

At PPR Strategies, we’re not standard-issue marketers; we’re Main Street advocates to the core. We revitalize communities from brick-and-mortar building blocks. We transform tourist destinations, empower small businesses, inspire investment, and draw top talent to your community. We’ll take you exactly where you need to go. So let’s go!

Find out how we can help your organization.

Economic Development Organizations

Economic development is driven by creativity. A creative culture, communicated in print, digital, and throughout the business community, nurtures entrepreneurship, talent attraction, and investment. Elevate your presence and reach the audiences that enhance your story.

Tourism Based Organizations

A curious blend of art and science, tourism attraction blends emotive storytelling with data-driven outreach. Communicating your destination’s uniqueness to the marketplace requires a coordinated approach—across your website, digital media, print, and advertising. Our approach is experiential, and our tactics communicate possibility and value.

Workforce Development

Communicating your community’s edge as a place to live, work, and prosper has a profound impact on talent attraction. Understanding what a modern workforce values helps communities emphasize their strengths, address challenges, and plot smart pathways forward.

Hire Sandy to Speak

We offer keynote talks to educate, inspire, and get your team into action. 

We Are Storytellers

Let’s solve your creative challenges together:

Strategy Development

Every community needs a direct, well-articulated course of action that puts stakeholder needs front and center. From social media strategy to strategic plan development, partnerships to targeted equity initiatives, we point your community’s compass in the desired direction.


As marketing strategists, we help you refine exactly what you stand for, and how you’re positioned in the marketplace. From logos to websites, digital media to print collaterals, our approach to marketing plan implementation meets you where you are and takes you where you need to go. Our solutions are well-considered, imaginative, and nurture multi-channel engagement.

Content Development

Your magic is in your message. So we listen with intention, audit your approach, and recommend refinements to your existing outreach in print and on digital media platforms. Your community’s strategic goals and stakeholders inform the tone and voice of your brand personality.

Media Relations

We’re media mavens at work and at play. From podcasts to traditional print media, satellite radio to online publications, we consume and monitor all forms of content delivery. After we identify your media markets, we’ll create your media plan, develop pitch angles, draft press releases, and prep your staff for interviews.