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You have a phone interview with the media. Great! But now what?

The PPR Strategies team spends hours and hours on the phone pitching our clients’ news stories to the media, with the ultimate goal being media coverage for our clients. Once we are able to secure an interview for our client, it is our job to make sure they are properly prepared for the interview.

We understand that interviews are something that can strike fear in even the most confident, well-spoken professional, which is why we have prepared these tips.

Congratulations! You landed a dream media interview....be sure to read on to find out how you can rock it!

Want to rock your upcoming phone interview? Read on!

Cheat Sheet

Find out beforehand what kind of questions the interviewer will ask. Prepare a list of possible questions and answers to have ready for a reference. It’s also a good idea to write down any statistics or numbers you will be quoting to ensure accuracy.

Stay focused

Distractions can be a big thought-killer, which will cause a lot of um’s and pauses, adding to your nervousness. Even if you are not nervous, becoming distracted multi-tasking can result in being caught off guard by a question.

And remember- it is easy to hear any shuffling or background noise, so the person conducting the interview could know that you are involved in other tasks.

Take your time

Don’t rush through questions. In order to communicate effectively, you need to have clear and concise thoughts and answers. Often times, interviewees will skip ahead to the next question in their mind, and skip over the one they’re discussing at that moment. Remember, just stay in the moment, and speak slowly and clearly.

A moment of silence, please

Despite the urge, try not to fill each moment of silence. Sometimes, silence happens at the right moment in an interview, and is an important element to the story. Sometimes, silence can say more than what you, the interviewee can, and that’s OK.

Landlines- yes, they still exist

If you wondering if landlines still exist, they do, and they’re your best friend for a phone interview.  Try to avoid using your cell phone at all costs if you have a phone interview. Cell phones can cause you to drop a call at any moment, and you can never be sure about service. Play it safe and use a landline phone for your tinerview.

Walk and use gestures

Many people use hand gestures and expressive body language speaking in person. If this helps you communicate more clearly- then by all means, keep doing it!

This will help the interview flow better and keep you feeling more comfortable.

The Four P’s

And finally…remember the 4 P’s: preparation prevents poor performance! Good luck out there!

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