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The art of the perfect pitch

There is no formula to the perfect pitch. In fact, many PR professionals think of media pitching more of an art, one to be perfected and mastered. However, if you take a look at a few of these guidelines, you’ll be sure to have the media ringing your phone off the hook.

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Maybe its not that they can’t hear you, maybe they’re ignoring you.


Don’t spend your time amassing the biggest media list known to mankind. Instead, make your list smaller by targeting your contacts. Not taking the time to research a reporter’s beats and filling their inbox with irrelevant releases not only annoys them, it might actually make them angry. Save time by narrowing down your list and focusing on reporters who cover similar stories.

Subject line

After your target listed is created, you are ready to distribute your press release and/or pitch. If you can get them to open the email, you’ve won half the battle.

Reporters can receive hundreds of pitches a day. How do you set yours apart from the rest? Try an eye-catching subject line. Never subjects lines such as “press release” or “quick question”. Keep it short, simple, and compelling.

Is it news?

What makes your story news? Simply telling a reporter how great a product is and why they need it is NOT a news story. Relate your story to the bigger picture, such as industry trends or regional and national trends.

Make it relevant

Relating your story to national holidays, local celebrations or news will help the chances of your story being covered.

All Angles

Try to exhaust all angles of the story to make sure your reaching all reporters who may be interested.

Good luck out there!

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