PPR Strategies

Tourism-Based Organizations

Get more visitors to choose your destination as their dream vacation.

Photo credit: Orange County Tourism

You may know that reaching more desired customers requires a strategic marketing and PR plan. But when it comes to securing press and elevating your web presence, where do you start?

  • How do you put together a pitch that gets the media’s attention?
  • Which publications should you target so you reach the right audience?
  • And between Facebook, Twitter, and the latest social media craze, how do you stay relevant with your target market?

Our Strategies

Strategies Tailored to You

While word of mouth was once enough to create tourism momentum, visitors seek personalized, well-endorsed experiences more than ever before. Thus, a multi-platform approach, rich with visuals, sensory copy, and targeted adventures, takes communities from ordinary to extraordinary. We match your offerings to visitor motivations.

We help you communicate a tourism experience brimming with possibility, capitalizing on your unique community assets. From logos to websites, digital media to print collaterals, we can implement a well-considered marketing plan and tell a story that attracts visitors and brand loyalists.

Content Development

Your magic is in your message. So we listen with intention, audit your approach, and recommend refinements to existing outreach in print and on digital media platforms. Your destination’s strategic goals and target markets inform the tone and voice of your brand personality.
Whether they seek adrenaline-fused adventures or farm-to-table finds, rustic campouts or sophisticated hideaways, we will identify the media markets frequented by your audiences. From there, we will create your media kit, develop pitch angles, draft press releases, and prep your destination for the spotlight.

Knowing where your tourism audiences engage in print and within the digital ecosystem fuels forward momentum for your destination. At PPR Strategies, we carefully consider the role of paid and earned advertising in driving awareness and results. After establishing the most appropriate platforms for connection, we act on opportunities and assess performance with ongoing analytics.

Professional Development Programming

If you need marketing and PR expertise that your staff can implement, we can customize education-based webinars to any topic. From providing tactics for effective tourism communications to supporting small businesses within your community, we can prime your internal capabilities for maximum return.
As savvy event planners, we can support all aspects of your special event or seasonal promotion. From developing marketing collaterals to promotional giveaways, signage to media support, we capture the essence of your destination.

Grants Coordination

Responding to—and managing the mechanics of—grant proposals and funding requirements is a time-consuming, but important responsibility. Our team of writers and strategists can help you craft winning responses and allocate funds with impact.