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Economic Development
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Your organization needs to attract businesses to your county, and inspire existing businesses to grow and expand locally. You might currently be spending a lot of money and checking off a lot of marketing “to-do’s” off your list, but that doesn’t mean you’re generating results.

And while you KNOW you should be doing more, you don’t have enough hours in the day (or enough in-house support) to keep your website, social media, and newsletters up-to-date. As a result, you aren’t getting as many phone calls — or closing as many deals — as you’d like.

Here at Platinum PR, we help you create a strategic marketing strategy — so you can confidently start getting results.

We’ll help you elevate your online presence, engage your customers, and get a greater return on marketing investments (and on stakeholders’ investments).

Our Strategies

Strategies Tailored to You

Our clients have a distinct advantage. When they hire us, they hire a team of economic developers and communication experts in one. Our dual capabilities capture your community’s “it factor.” We emphasize the assets that make your community the ultimate place to locate, expand, and launch a successful enterprise. We communicate your culture of innovation to promising investors, entrepreneurs, and residents. You’ve created it, and we celebrate it.

Strategy Development

Every community needs a clearly communicated course of action that puts stakeholder needs front and center. From social media business engagement strategies to strategic plan development, partnerships to consensus building, we point your community’s compass in the desired direction.
As marketing strategists, we help you refine exactly what you stand for, and how you’re positioned in the marketplace. Your organization needs to attract businesses to your county, and inspire existing businesses to grow and expand locally. From logos to websites, digital media to print collaterals, our marketing plan implementations elevate your business attraction, expansion, and retention efforts. Our solutions are smart, measurable, and nurture multi-channel engagement.

Content Development

Your magic is in your message. So we listen with intention, audit your approach, and recommend refinements to your existing outreach in print and on digital media platforms. Your community’s strategic goals and stakeholders inform the tone and voice of your brand personality.
Site selectors, enterprises, and employees seek vibrant communities where they can live, work, and play. From podcasts to traditional print media, satellite radio to trade publications, we will identify the media markets appropriate to your goals. From there, we will create your media plan, develop pitch angles, draft press releases, and prep your staff for interviews.

Diversity Initiatives

Creating a culture of economic inclusion grows entrepreneurship, trust, and opportunity. With a community-driven approach, we help you pinpoint the pressing issues, then we help the key players build initiatives around those identified needs. Our tactics are thorough and practical, weaving diversity strategies into your organization’s existing structure so it’s sustainable long term.

Knowing where your target markets engage in print and within the digital ecosystem fuels forward momentum for your community. At PPR Strategies, we carefully consider the role of paid and earned advertising in driving awareness and results. After establishing the most appropriate platforms for connection, we activate opportunities and assess performance with robust analytics.

Professional Development Programming

If you need marketing and PR expertise that your staff can implement, we can customize education-based webinars to any topic. From copywriting to tools and tactics for business engagement, we can prime your internal capabilities for maximum return.

Talent Attraction

Positioning your community’s brand for success is everything in a candidate-driven market. Your target industries and candidates research information and connect on different communications platforms, so knowing how to reach them is essential. From marketing your attributes to celebrating your innovation culture, we refine your brand story and implement strategies to attract talent and retain it within your community.
The storyline of special events starts with the planning and concludes after the very last sponsor thank-you is drafted. As seasoned event planners, we can support all aspects of your conference, ribbon cutting, or seasonal promotion. From agenda development to speaker preparation, event marketing to technical support, we make economic development events memorable and motivational.

Grants Coordination

Responding to—and managing the mechanics of—grant proposals and funding requirements is a time-consuming, but important responsibility. Our team of writers and strategists can help you craft winning responses and allocate funds with impact.