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Platinum PR is Now PPR Strategies!

Big News from Platinum PR

Over the past few months here at Platinum PR, we’ve been excitedly waiting to be able to share our new name with you. And today’s the day!

Allow us to reintroduce ourselves as…

PPR Strategies!


PPR Strategies


The Story Behind the New Name

Our new name of “PPR Strategies” pays homage to our “Platinum PR” roots, with a strong lean towards how our work has evolved to encompass strategic guidance for place-based organizations.

In the early days of starting the business, “Platinum PR” felt like a catchy attention-grabbing name. In more recent years, as our work has expanded and evolved, we’ve found that the “PR” label has limited our ability to communicate the work we do with our economic development and tourism-based clientele.

We’ve found it imperative to find a name that can more broadly communicate the ways we help place-based organizations.

And so, it was time for a change! Initially, we transitioned to defining the “PR” in Platinum PR to be “Places Reimagined.” This is the core of what we do: reimagine places!

Needing something clearer (and with a zippier ring to it), we landed on PPR Strategies! We now define the “PPR” as People and Places Reimagined.

At PPR Strategies, we continue to support our clients with their communications needs, and we also work on everything from strategic plans to developing new pilot programs. In multiple ways, we support economic development and tourism offices, and ultimately, the residents of their community, to thrive.

Whether you need a custom communications plan, support developing a new program, or an innovative solution for any problem you’re facing, our team of economic developers and creative professionals is here to help.

We’re excited about this new change and look forward to continuing to find creative ways to support you, share value-packed content, and inspire you to reimagine your place!

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