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Episode 1 of the Frederick Factor is LIVE!

Last week, we announced the launch of our brand new podcast, The Frederick Factor! Thank you so much for your outpouring of support.

We’re so excited to announce that today, Episode 1 of the Frederick Factor is LIVE!

Episode 1 features a lively and fun conversation with the team behind Frederick’s Puerto Rico Distillery, Angel Rivera and Crystal Rivera. They shared their love of Puerto Rican moonshine and what makes it so special – and I even enjoyed sampling some during the interview. 🙂

This father-daughter team shared their journey of bringing the beloved Puerto Rican beverage to the USA, opening a business during the Pandemic, and falling in love with Frederick.

Click here to listen to The Frederick Factor Episode 1:
The Authenticity Factor with Angel and Crystal Rivera of Puerto Rico Distillery

Creating this podcast has truly been a labor of love. It’s been a multi-step process with many moving pieces.

It all started with an idea, which was inspired two years ago by the magic that is Frederick. Over those two years, our team worked on several Diversity & Inclusion projects, and we wanted to do more. We decided to focus the podcast specifically on sharing the voices of underrepresented members of the Frederick Community. (You can hear more about the inspiration behind the Frederick Factor podcast in Episode 0 here.)

We’ve learned so much through creating this podcast. It has involved a lot of technical elements which were new to us – like setting up the podcast studio in our office, getting the correct equipment, and learning how to use it! Then, there are the aspects of producing and mixing the episodes, publishing them on various podcast networks, and promoting them. Since this was a new arena for us, we worked with a podcast producer who helped guide us through the production process.

The most exciting part of the process has been interviewing so many amazing people in Frederick. We’re excited to interview even more in the months ahead!

Now that we know how to record and produce a podcast, we’re looking forward to offering the podcast studio as a service for our clients. Leave a comment below if you’re inspired to start one too. 🙂

Enjoy checking out Episode 1 of the Frederick Factor, and let us know your favorite parts of the episode!

‘Til next time,

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