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You’re talking – but can they hear you?

Different words and ways of speaking will resonate with different target audiences.

You can talk in emojis and abbreviated words to millennials…

But communicating in casual lingo to a seasoned CEO won’t resonate!

Now, some people get hung up on this and worry about alienating other people in their audience by focusing on just one of them.

But you can’t worry about that! When you try to speak to everyone, you speak to no one.

Instead, it goes back to being specific about the audience you are trying to reach — and the places you are reaching them!

Your campaigns should be targeting specific target markets on the platforms where they spend their time…

And this might be different from where you spend your time.

  • For example, if you want to reach Directors of Human Resources for your existing businesses, you could reach them through a page on your website, or send them an email campaign. They would be interested in content such as new recruitment strategies you’re employing to attract college graduates to your town.
  • If you want to reach millennials, the same approach won’t work. They won’t just magically end up on your website or in your email database! For them, you could create a social media campaign on Snapchat or Instagram, or partner with local universities.

The more you can speak the language of the people you want to reach on the platforms they want to be on… the better your organization can be seen and heard!

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