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Your Next Tourism Campaign Idea: An Itinerary

Looking for a creative way to promote recreational experiences and local businesses in your community?

Here’s one: Create an itinerary.

People like being guided through activities and experiences. You can take an ordinary experience visiting a restaurant or brewery and make it into an even more fun experience by making it part of a guided and themed itinerary.

For example, here’s an itinerary from Pennsylvania’s tourism website, called “Scooped: An Ice Cream Trail.”

On their website, they offer maps of different parts of Pennsylvania that guide you through the different ice cream shops in that area. The website also includes a video and blog posts featuring local businesses. 

Richmond, Virginia has a great campaign for a beer trail, complete with a printable map.

I’ve been enjoying creating my own itinerary this summer, which is to explore all of the state parks in Virginia this year. So far, I’ve made it to 19 (out of 38)! I’m also adding new and different activities to the experience, like staying in a yurt or kayaking in the lake to experience all of the different elements of parks. 

By creating an itinerary, you can make it easy for people to experience the different activities, local shops and restaurants, and outdoor experiences that your community has to offer, and giving them an incentive to visit and explore your community. 

What kind of itineraries could you create in your community? Leave a comment below to share with me!

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