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Word Play the Platinum Way

By: Meghan McQuade Boyle

As a writer, playing with words is my favorite pastime.  Word play, a manipulation of words and sounds, is a witty way to engage your audience in ads, speeches and social media.  Contrary to its name, word play is trickier than it sounds, as it is equal parts art and science.  Making an impact with literary devices like rhyme, alliteration (the repetition of an initial sound), and homophones (words with the same pronunciation, but different meanings) requires a seasoned ear and eye, and a grasp of their appropriateness to your audience and tone.

Artists from James Joyce to Jay Z have lured in audiences (and astonishing revenues) with rhymes and double meanings, and Madison Avenue has followed suit (get it?).  Whether your focus is home cooking or home mortgages, word play can invigorate your copy, grow your audience and bottom line.  Go on, play with your words!


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