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Why you should aim for progress, not perfection

Have you ever waited to publish a blog post because you wanted it to be perfect first?

Before you know it, months have gone by, and that same blog is still saved as a messy rough draft.

This is one thing I see stopping many of my clients from getting their content out there…  waiting for it to be perfect.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to deliver a quality product.

But for many of us, our unrealistic expectations of perfection stop us from ever getting things out the door.

In fact, I can be guilty of this myself.

I had a few really good months of sending newsletters, and felt a rush of satisfaction from engaging with my community!

And then… I got stuck. I ended up spending several weeks trying to craft the “perfect” email.

That’s when I realized – for both you AND me…

We’ve got to focus on progress, rather than perfection.

Because here’s the thing – When you press publish, you might feel a little nervous, like you’re onstage for the whole world to see.

(And with that kind of pressure, of course we want everything to be perfect…

But we’ve got to remember that generally, people are kind, and excited to see what you’re sharing with the world.

Each time you put your work out there, you’re engaging with your audience.

And that’s progress.

So instead of waiting for your latest newsletter to be perfectly wordsmithed, or your social media content to hit the exact right notes…

… Hit publish and get yourself out there!

So now, we’d love to hear from you –

Where have you been holding back in putting yourself – or your business – out there because you wanted something to be perfect first?

How can you take one step closer to it, and to focus on making progress?

Join the conversation over on our Facebook page, and let us know!

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