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Why PR Professionals Celebrate Christmas in July

Santa isn’t being tacky…he’s being smart.

Santa isn’t being tacky…he’s being smart. Photo via askmissa.com

I used to think Christmas in July was tacky. That was, until, I began working in public relations. Now Christmas in July has a whole new meaning: It means being prepared by planning ahead.

You see, Christmas is a lot closer than you think. Yes, it may be a whole five months away, but those five months are actually a very short amount of time to accomplish a laundry list of holiday-related marketing and public relations tasks.

Many media outlets begin planning their editorial calendars weeks, months and even years in advance. If you were promoting an annual Holiday event in December and wish to receive coverage in regional magazines, it’s a good idea to invite your contacts months ahead of time, before they book a different interview. This is why it is a good idea for businesses and organizations to develop a detailed editorial calendar ahead of time.

Many items can take months to plan and implement, which is why advance planning is of upmost importance!

Next time you scoff at one of the PPR Strategies team members celebrating the Holidays in July, just remember how seriously we take planning ahead!

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