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[PR Challenge Week 4] Hit Send!

As more restrictions lift and travel begins opening up, this is a key time for economic development and travel and tourism organizations to get your stories out there in the media. So we’re doing the 4-Week PR Challenge! Every week on the blog, we’re sharing a PR Challenge tip & action step.

So far we’ve discussed…

For our fourth and final week of the PR Challenge… it’s time to hit “send” on the pitch to the media!

This can be so intimidating, but you need to take the leap. You’ve identified what’s newsworthy in your organization… You’ve created your media contact list…. You’ve crafted your pitch…

Now you need to put it all together and hit send.

Once you’ve sent the email, it’s 100% okay to follow up. Now, there is a fine line between “pestering” and being serious. Some reporters don’t like phone calls, but in my experience, send the email and then make the call.

It can sometimes be very difficult to pitch yourself (heck, that’s one of the reasons people come to PPR Strategies), but if you’re a one-person office, get over it and make the call! The reporter, editor, or producer will appreciate hearing from you.

So today, hit send on that email!

Then, leave a comment below to share what you’ve learned in the challenge!

‘Til next time,

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