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Ways to Support Small Businesses during Small Business Week

It’s Small Business Week! We always say that we should be supporting and celebrating local small businesses year round. However, the great thing about Small Business Week is that it brings extra attention to small businesses all over the country.

Here are some ways to show your support this week:

Check in with businesses who did big pivots during COVID. This might include:

  • Check in with those businesses who transitioned to selling online and see how you can help them to continue to grow their online presence. Provide them with outside tools, resources, webinars, or phone calls to see how they’ve transitioned over the past year and what they need now.
  • Connect businesses with the resources they need – such as financial resources or capacity-building resources.
  • Help businesses identify some additional cash flow management as they may be preparing to open their doors to larger capacities this summer.

You can also support them on social media and put them in the spotlight. You could:

  • Highlight a different business every day on social media.
  • Interview businesses and share the interviews on a podcast (if you have one) or upload a video to youtube and share it on social media, in your newsletter, and on your website.
  • Collaborate with a local newspaper to profile businesses in the community, especially those with a timely story to share.
  • Highlight small businesses that have unique partnerships and collaborations with other organizations and institutions.

In addition, what are some simple ways that you or your community can support them (requiring minimal time and for free)?

Here’s a favorite infographic created by our clients at Visit Orange Virginia with simple ideas to show your love for small businesses on social media:

Public support on social media is ALWAYS welcomed by businesses. Not only does it make an impact for potential customers or viewers – it shows the businesses directly that you care.

Above all, find ways to let small businesses know that they are valued and that you are there for them. This makes a bigger difference than you may realize!

How else can we all support small businesses this week and every week? Leave a comment below to share!

‘Til next time,

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