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The surprising way “vacation mentality” can make you more productive

One day during my trip to Alaska last month, we took a kayaking trip outside of Seward, Alaska where icebergs had fallen off glaciers.

It was a rainy, cloudy, and dreary day.

Tabitha and I laughed because the dreary weather didn’t stop us from getting out there. Rain or shine, we were going to have our experience!

But when you’re in “normal life,” you might look for an excuse not to do something just because it’s too sunny, or not sunny enough, or too rainy, or there’s not enough rain, etc.

Instead of just going for it!

There are so many things we can miss out on in life, just because the conditions aren’t perfect so we let them pass by.

And guess where else this can show up… your marketing! For example:

  • I don’t want to send a newsletter until it is perfect!
  • Let’s wait to do Facebook Live until we have the perfect lighting and video set-up.
  • I’m afraid to do a social media contest because our audience is small. 

What if you adopted a mentality as if you were on vacation: “I’m going to do this, rain or shine!”

And then, watch how your productivity increases, and what new results you start getting.

So how can you apply “vacation mentality” to your marketing? Share below in the comments!

‘Til next time,

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