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Unconventional Ways to Get Creativity Flowing (Or: How I drive my team crazy)

I walk when I talk. Did you know that? 70% of the time a client is on the phone with me, I’m walking in circles. It helps me think, process, and more importantly — it gets the creative juices flowing.

I also have a chair in my team member Meghan’s office where I like to sit to brainstorm ideas. When I’m in that chair, you know that I’m brainstorming things! I ramble as a form of brainstorming. Meghan is there to help me capture ideas and get them on paper.

Any time I am in motion, ideas can come to me! I go on walks, and capture my ideas on voice memos as they come. And 75% of the time I leave the office, I end up calling back within minutes because I have an idea, thought or something I forgot.

Now of course, I can’t do all my work standing up, driving, walking, or rambling ideas in a chair!

The point is that to get creative ideas, sometimes we have to mix things up, and step outside of our normal routine.

In fact, scientific studies have shown us that we are more creative when we are in a relaxed state. And specifically, when the feel-good hormone dopamine is released in our brain.

That may be why some of the biggest companies in the world, like Google, include foosball, pool tables, exercise centers and more, as perks for their employees. They can take a break, get moving, and get the creativity flowing!

Now, maybe your organization isn’t going to include a foosball table in your breakroom any time soon. What else can you do during the day to spark your creativity?

For example:

  • Take a midday walk
  • Take a 3-minute dance break in the bathroom
  • Take a break outside in fresh air with a colleague to brainstorm together
  • Actually take a full lunch break (not just working at your desk on the computer)

Do you have any favorite ways to get creative? Tell me in the comments below!


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