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Tourism tips from the Gilmore Girls

Okay, I admit it… I have a relatively new addiction to Gilmore Girls. I started watching it on Netflix with my teenage daughter, Tabitha (or should I say that we started “binge watching” it)! Over the Thanksgiving holiday, we watched the whole marathon. The the similarities between our relationship and the mom and daughter on screen are uncanny. 🙂

As I’ve now watched entire series — twice — it’s been entertaining to watch the small-town tourism initiatives. The town is called Stars Hollow, and throughout the series, they’ve continually found ways to draw tourist attention to this fictitious suburban town near Hartford, Connecticut.

Lorelai and and her business partner Sooki run a local inn called the Dragonfly Inn. They host special events, like local maple syrup tasting and bicycle races. They have their town hall meetings (which are all entertaining), and various seasonal festivals.

The town has undergone streetscaping programs — with updated street signs, interiors, and other facade improvements. They’ve even changed the street names so they’re historical.

So… how can you learn from the Gilmore Girls? 🙂

What are some creative, fun, and interesting initiatives could you bring to your town?

For example, you could….

  • Host crazy 24-hour dance marathons (whoever’s still on the dance floor after 24 hours wins!)
  • Create “living art expedition” events where residents of the community wear makeup and costumes to replicate classic paintings
  • Host a Snowman Building Contest (if your community gets lots of snow in winter months!)
  • Or more traditional… Easter Egg Hunts, Hayrides, and Winter Carnivals

I know these ideas are very silly (and I hope fellow fans of the show giggle when reading), but when you find creative ways to draw visitors to your town, it can have a huge impact.

General new residents (like employees and entrepreneurs) start out as tourists. Think about it… You’re not going to move to a town you wouldn’t enjoy visiting. Tourists support your local economy by coming to town and spending money.

So what are some interesting events or initiatives you could plan in your town — to draw in more tourists and potential new residents?

Contact me and share your ideas with me! If your Tourism Organization needs help brainstorming and executing creative ways to draw more tourists to your community, reach out to us here at PPR Strategies. 🙂

‘Til next time,

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