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There’s a Week for That, too

Did you know that there is a week for almost everything? Last week was National Pickled Pepper Week, which I was very excited to partake in. October also features Shopping Cart Safety Awareness Week and Squirrel Awareness Week. Oh, and did you know that next week is world pasta day? We’re already gearing up for that one. There really is a week, or a day, for everything.

Some of our own clients are celebrating commemorative weeks in their honor. NAVTA is celebrating National Veterinary Technician Week, while MEDA is celebrating Maryland’s Economic Development Week.

So, what’s up with everyone picking a day to celebrate, well, just about anything? It’s all about exposure. By creating, or participating, in a commemorative day or week of your industry, you are hopefully raising awareness and exposure to your industry, business or organization. By holding events commemorating your special week, you are giving other people the chance to learn about your industry, giving people within the industry a chance to network, and hopefully increasing media exposure to your cause.

So, if you if you own an ice cream parlor, make sure you do something newsworthy on National Ice Cream Day (third Sunday in July), and if you own a restaurant, you can partake in the not so exciting National Eat Brussel Sprouts Day (January 31). Hey, anything to get you noticed, right?

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