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Surviving my FIRST week as an intern

The break was seemingly endless and soothing, but it was time to beat the books again.  I dashed across campus to be sure I was on time for the FIRST day at my FIRST internship.  You can believe me when I say my nerves were running rampant and the excitement was overwhelming.  I’ve learned to stare fear right in the eye and not back down.  It was time to pull up my bootstraps and buckle my big boy pants on tight because it appears I have grown up.

I forgot to introduce myself, how rude of me!  My name is Brice Hall, a senior at Shepherd University, a cashier at a craft store and the new intern at PPR Strategies.  You could say that my life at the moment is swarming with work, and so far my attempts at trying to refrain from becoming kooky, deranged or “Cray Cray” as the new generation would say is successful.

I’ve been here for only a week now and so far everything has been so good.  Sandy Sponaugle and Salle Mickey are two genuinely, delightful gals.  Not only have they helped me survive my first week as an intern, but also they’ve survived my questions.  I applaud them!

I look forward to learning new skills from the both of them and to apply the abilities I’ve gained from my schooling in a workplace environment.  This internship means the world to me and I’m greatly appreciative of earning this position.  Life will always continue to go forward so I can learn from the past and the present, to help shape my future into what I’ve always dreamed.


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