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Stressing out before your big event? Try this.

Here at PPR Strategies, we’ve had the privilege of helping many different organizations create and execute live events over the years.

We know firsthand the amount of planning, organizing, budgeting, marketing, and decision-making that is required in this process.

There’s one thing that can make the entire process more difficult:

Worrying and stressing about results!

It can be very easy to be overcome with nervous energy, especially if you’re producing a very large event. Will people show up? Will we sell the event out? Will we fill the room?

However, instead of allowing worries about event attendance take up all of your energy, use that energy towards positive promotions leading up towards the event.

Send the emails. Engage the members. Engage the sponsors. Give sponsors and partners the tools to help share it. Post on social media. Promote the big event at all the other events leading up to it. 

Then, you just have to trust that you chose the right combination of things (the right location, the right content, the right branding)… and trust the process.

It’s not about getting lazy, and it’s also not about aggressive marketing. But high-level anxiety is not going to help your efforts. Instead, focus your energy on what is within your power, and put your efforts into those actions. And then, let go and trust the process!

Of course, getting the right support for your event is key. You can always reach out to PPR Strategies for support in creating, marketing, and executing your big event. 

So how do you manage the stress or anxiety leading up to a big event? Share your experiences in the comments down below!

‘Til next time,

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