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Simple Workplace Etiquette

By: Hanna Weaver

There are several instances when people forget to mind their “p’s and q’s” and in the work place is no exception. Sure, everyone is guilty of sending a quick email and not checking for grammar and spelling mistakes, unless you have automatic spell-check, which can be a Godsend. People are also guilty of sending the emoticons in emails, myself included.

Here are some quick workplace etiquette tips that are the most commonly forgotten:

1) Spell-check, capitalize, and proof your emails. It is best to do this before you even put the recipients email address in the “to” section because it’s easy to become send happy. Also, emoticon-check your emails. It’s tempting to send them when you’re trying to show expressions, but you should avoid doing so.

2) Do not send an email out when you are upset. This goes for everyday life as well, but especially for the work environment. An underlying bad attitude and poor manners are magnified online and through email.

3) When someone sends you an email, try to reply in a timely manner. At least send them a reply saying that you received their email and will be going over it soon. It’s hard to reply to a lengthy email when you are busy with other things, so to keep the sender happy, just let them know you are aware they have contacted you. This will also keep them from sending additional messages.

4) Be friendly and kind to your co-workers, but don’t cross the line between “friends” and “more than friends”. It is a really bad idea to mix work with your love life, but if you chose to anyway, consider getting a job elsewhere when the relationship becomes serious.

5) Shake hands. If you are seated and are being introduced to someone, stand up and shake their hand. Sometimes people can be unsure if a handshake is appropriate. I learned from an interview workshop that men should always extend a hand, but women should wait until a hand is extended to them. I think a handshake is a nice and professional gesture, just don’t get too carried away with the shaking; hurting someone’s arm or shoulder wouldn’t make a very good impression.

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