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Redesigning a website? Don’t skip this step.

Redesigning a website is more than putting a new face to the same old content.

One common mistake when it comes to website redesign is to focus completely on the “look” of the updated website without devoting time to updating the content.

It may have been two or five years since the last website redesign. Chances are, your target audiences might not still resonate with the exact same messaging. Your services and programs may also need to be updated.

Think of it this way… You would never redesign a new home and then put the same 30-year appliances in it. It’s a similar thing with websites.

When redesigning a website, this is the time to carefully take a look at your current content with a critical eye and examine how you are explaining your services and your community.

Here are a few questions to brainstorm to update your messaging:

  • What are all of the unique aspects of your community?
  • What are your current programs or “incentives”?
  • What are the fun or unique visitor experiences your community has to offer?
  • What are the advantages to growing or expanding a business in your community?

It’s important to make sure your content is effectively representing your community, and will resonate with your audience.

Rewriting your content may require additional time from your staff or the investment of hiring a new consultant. Even if you don’t have the budget to get outside support with your content, at a minimum, brainstorm the answers to these questions with a team member and update your content so it expresses these answers.

If you’d like outside feedback (with the knowledge of an insider), you can always reach out to PPR Strategies to explore how we can best support you.

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