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Pick-Your-Own Strawberries. It’s a National Holiday!

At PPR Strategies, we are lucky to have a healthy variety of clients spanning localities and industries. One of our clients, Orr’s Farm Market in Martinsburg, is always up to something. What’s this week’s big news? Picking season has arrived!

Seize the Day!

TODAY is National Pick Strawberries Day. Grab a basket and check out the season’s best ripe for the pickin.’ If you can’t make it today, the berries will be around for another three weeks.

Don’t know what you would do with all those strawberries? Check out Orr’s Pinterest page for inspiration and creative recipes.

Strawberries Bringing Families Together

Orr’s hopes you’re planning to visit the farm. This year they’ve planted two varieties, “Sweet Charlie” and “Chandler,” which will be available for about three weeks. Bring the kids, grandma, grandpa—all are welcome. Picking is a fun family activity with a sweet ending!

The beginning of harvest time reminds us of why we’re here. As farmers, Orr’s work has many components: they grow healthy crops, take good care of the land, and are productive members of our community. Farming is a big job that requires long hours and a lot of variables—like the weather, for instance.

They love what they do, and truly enjoy sharing it with visitors. By inviting the public to pick berries, shop their market of homemade goods, and take tours, they feel like they are doing their part to encourage a better relationship between farm and community. At Orr’s, there are a few ways that relationship comes full circle:

  • Quality By picking your own berries or selecting from their produce in the market, you know where your food comes from. When food doesn’t travel far, you don’t have to worry about how it was stored and transported.
  • Agriculture When you take a tour, you get to experience farming up close. You’ll know more about how the food you eat goes from seed to table.
  • Community You’re supporting a local business, and that’s a great thing. It helps your community thrive by keeping funds local and providing jobs.

Want to learn more about Orr’s? Visit their website at www.orrsfarmmarket.com.


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