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My personal and professional highlights of 2017

Before setting goals for 2018, it’s important to take time to acknowledge your successes in 2017. You might even be surprised to look back and see how much you accomplished!

Here are some of my personal and professional highlights from 2017…

PPR Strategies kicked off the year with the 30-Day Economic Development Marketing Challenge!

I’m a big fan of taking part in 30-Day Challenges to amp up productivity or improve in certain areas — and so I decided to lead one too! In January, I led the 30-Day Challenge for Econ Dev Organizations with daily tips and strategies. It was a fun challenge for participants AND for me to create 30 days of content.

We launched our very first online program!

Creating Your Prospect Funnel

For a while now, I’ve been wanting to create digital products so that I could serve more people.

Creating the program was just one part of it. Marketing the content was a project in and of itself! We created a webinar, teaser videos and lead magnets to get the word out. As someone who’s usually behind the scenes of my clients’ marketing campaigns, it was quite exciting to take “center stage” in my own launch!

A still from my promotion video

I started doing more facilitation and team training for Economic Development Organizations.

I moderated two IEDC workshops online, and taught a live session of an IEDC marketing course. For MEDA, I continued teaching the marketing session for the Chesapeake Economic Development Course, now my fifth year.

I was “featured” in the Washington Post. 😉

I attended the Preakness as a “Plus 1” with my friend and client Pam Ruff, Executive Director of the Maryland Economic Development Association, at the Maryland Department of Commerce tent. It was my first time attending, and I had a great time. Unbeknownst to me, a photographer snapped a shot of me while my hat nearly flew away, and it ended up in the Washington Post!

I got a huge kick out of the fact that I was captioned as “woman laughing.” If I could be remembered for any number of things, “woman laughing” is probably right there up at the top of the list!

PPR Strategies celebrated our 15-year business anniversary!

I kicked off PPR Strategies as a one-woman operation from my house, and since then we’ve grown into a team with offices in in West Virginia, Maryland and Colorado. This September marked 15 years of serving our clients!

We launched our Online Store!

PPR Strategies Online Store

Another long-time goal of mine was to have an online store available on my website. I’m proud to now have a full store available online with video trainings, templates, worksheets, and more — available 24/7!

And then there are the personal highlights…

Some personal highlights include scuba diving in Turks and Caicos, wrapping up my year as president of Rotary in July, and my 16-year-old daughter Tabitha getting her driver’s license!

With the Shepherdstown Rotary Board of Directors
With the Shepherdstown Rotary Board of Directors
My 16-year-old daughter… ready to take to the road!
My 16-year-old daughter… ready to take to the road!

And… I also launched my personal website, SandyDubay.com!

I quietly launched my own website, SandyDubay.com, where I offer additional my services as a speaker and consultant.

Wow! What a year! And now… it’s your turn. 🙂 Time to celebrate your personal and professional highlights of 2017.

Contact me and let me know some of YOUR highlights of 2017!

‘Til next time,

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