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My tourist experience at Disney World

Recently, I had the experience of being a tourist at the epitome of all tourist destinations: Disney World!

For spring break, Tabitha’s high school marching band was marching in the Disney parade one afternoon.

I chaperoned the trip and went along as part of our mother-daughter 12 Months of Fun before she heads off to college in a few months.

We went to Magic Kingdom, Universal Studios, and Hollywood Studios. We spent a lot of time in line waiting for rides, eating crazy food, and trying to find our way past all the tourists! (It was packed!)

We spent a lot of time making memories, taking pictures, and laughing.


I had an amazing service experience at Magic Kingdom when I lost my ticket into the amusement park. While this could have been a stressful and time-confusing hassle, it took only 30 seconds to get resolved at the Guest Services desk. That’s the kind of tourist story you want people to be telling!

Overall, it was great to disconnect for the entire week just to be a tourist and spend some time with Tabitha.

I wouldn’t recommend going to Disney World during spring break… but besides that it was spectacular.

Have you taken any tourist trips just for fun lately? It can be a great reminder of what kind of service we look for when visiting a new community… and can be a lot of fun, too. 🙂

‘Til next time,

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