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My IEDC Journal article is published!

I’m excited to announce that I’ve written an article for The IEDC Journal, and it has been published in the latest issue!

After I gave talk on generational marketing at the IEDC Annual Conference last fall, The IEDC Journal editor reached out to invite me to write an article on that same topic.

And of course… I said yes! 🙂

The article is all about how to effectively communicate to different generations ranging from Gen Z to the Silent Generation. This isn’t limited to workforce attraction initiatives, as effective communication strategies across generations are necessary for everything from advertising to reports for stakeholders to running your organization internally.

I interviewed Economic Development professionals from across the country from cities such as Minneapolis St.Paul, Salt Lake City, Baltimore, and Irvine, CA to gather a variety of perspectives and case studies.

Whether you’re a one-person office or have a team of 20+ people inside your organization, you’ll find strategies that can provide inspiration for more effective communications across the board!

Check out the article here!

And please share with your team or on social media! 🙂

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