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Meet Our 2016 Summer Intern!

Splashing Into The Summer Heat As PPR Strategies’s Summer Intern

My name is Tess Hyre and I am the new summer 2016 intern here at PPR Strategies! This is my second internship I have ever had and I am certainly grateful for the experiences and tools that PPR Strategies has shown me thus far. The emotions were high entering PPR Strategies. Just like any other intern’s reactions to a new internship, I stressed the night before, prepared what I was going to wear, had my bag packed and ready to go, and made sure that I was on time.

How I Got Here

You may be wondering how I was introduced to PPR Strategies here in Shepherdstown, West Virginia. Well at Shepherd University, I am a double major in both sports communications and communications/news media, so you are probably thinking that this girl likes to talk, and I am here to say that you are so right! Not only that, but I also love to write and work with social media content. In a lot of my communication classes, we discuss the different components that are involved in communications. It can be mass communications, working with television, movie making, digital design, or there is the branch of public relations and strategic campaigns. All of which are fascinating, but I gravitated more towards public relations due to the fact it involved working with people and writing blogs and even news releases. With that being said, we have many guest speakers come in and talk to the classes about what they do and the opportunities that are out there for communication majors like myself. Sandy Dubay just so happened to be one of our guest speakers and I have had friends who previously interned with her and just absolutely loved the experience, so I knew I wanted to give it a shot myself.


Why PR?

Now remember, I am also a sports communications major, and with that being said, I specifically love football. So you can imagine Sandy Dubay’s reaction when I first approached her about interning at her firm. The first reaction was, oh boy we do not have anything to accommodate the needs for that, but once I explained that I also love working with and for people and love writing, she luckily came around to giving me this opportunity. Although I have a passion for sideline reporting, I have a bigger dream of one day working for a PR firm, much like PPR Strategies. It is a lot of writing, working with graphic design, getting things printed out, coming up with social media content, but also having your love for public relations flourish into the excitement for new days to arrive with different and exciting tasks awaiting you.

PPR Strategies embodies the qualities I hope to continue to gain with working with other people, businesses, and help them achieve what they want out of their goals for their organization. Both Sandy Dubay and Meghan Metzner are amazing and have helped me feel like I am a part of the team. I have gained so much knowledge as to what is put into making sure things run smoothly for the clients they work for, along with putting up with my questions. If there is anything that I would say to the next intern coming in is that they should not shy away from their questions. It is better to ask because you can and will learn something new that you did not know before. Both ladies are here to help you gain the experience you wish to gain through your internship and this summer internship has certainly been my favorite so far!

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