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Pitching a news story for the first time can be a little intimidating; even more so if it isn’t something you do on a daily basis. If you’re new to pitching, here are a few guidelines we always follow when trying to obtain media coverage:

This is possibly the most important part of the pitching process: do your research on the publication and the reporter/editor you’ll be pitching. Have they already reported on a similar story? Does the reporter have a personal connection to the story?

Based on your research, you’ll find that the pitching angle will vary for different publications. For instance, the angle for a Washington Post story will most likely be very different from an angle for a Virginia Living article.

You know the saying-Keep it simple! No need to fluff up an email with small talk and insincere well wishes–unless you know the reporter personally. We are all busy and have work to do, so it’s best to get straight to the point of the who, what, when, where, and why this would make a great story.

Enticing subject line
Some reporters receive hundreds of emails a day. Get yours to stand out from the crowd with an enticing subject line.

Contact info.
It may seem obvious, but it’s something people overlook all the time. If you’re hoping for the reporter to grant an interview, don’t forget to connect him or her with the person to be interviewed, along with their email address and phone number.

Still don’t feel comfortable pitching? It’s what we do for a living, so feel free to contact us anytime at 304-876-8321.


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