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August 5, the founder and owner of PPR Strategies, Sandy Sponaugle and interns, Meghann Ambrose and Alex Lemley, attended what Tweeters across the nation have dubbed, via hash tag, #summermash.

Mashable, a blog, and one of the leading experts in all that is social media, digital media, and web culture, stopped at USA Today corporate headquarters in McLean, VA for their US summer tour. Some of their most promising, young, and diligent writers and editors traveled from New York City to meet with the greater D.C. metro area’s professionals for a night of networking, media education, and delicious cupcakes.

Almost the entire East Coast Mashable team came for the event, just as USA Today had announced that Mashable would be syndicated on their site. Recent graduates of Columbia Journalism School and Harvard degree holders were part of the gang that is pioneering this young and upcoming website.

But what was the event exactly? Well, people were there to talk about social media and networking sites. So what better than to be social and to network? Essentially a three-hour meet and greet, tech geeks and gurus from all walks of life interacted with guests and partook in lengthy discussions about the industry.

Hot topics included: debates on rising site, Four Square, and its rival, Gowalla, as well as anything Apple, fitting since an iPad was given away later in the evening.

Set in the First Amendment Dining room of USA Today’s headquarters, wine, crab dip, and desserts were abundant as interns, bloggers, and directors of communications, marketing, and PR mingled to share notes and experiences with each other about this new and exciting field.

The PPR Strategies team bumped into numerous Shepherdstown residents, past and present, and even had their picture taken for Mashable’s Facebook page and made the “front page” of the Mashable event.

For more on Mashable: peruse their blog, visit their Facebook page, or for the latest in technology and social medias, follow them on Twitter.



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