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Is Mass Distribution a Good Media Strategy?

Welcome back to our Media Pitching Series with ideas contributed by our Public Relations Specialist, Mia Vaccaro.  

When it comes to pitching to the media, is it worthwhile to rely on mass distribution sites, like PR Newswire or PR Web?

Through platforms like these, senders have the opportunity to create individual emails or a mass distribution of emails to a list of reporters.

Let’s look at the pros and cons… 

With mass distribution, you’re creating one blanket email and pitch that can then be sent out to a list of reporters from a variety of media outlets. The reporter’s name can be filled into the email automatically through the distribution service and be sent to their inbox from the sender’s address. 

The pros? It’s a way to get pitches out to multiple outlets very quickly, which is sometimes a necessity with time-sensitive news. Senders also have the ability to track email open rates and click rates in the back-end of these platforms – which is a great way to see how your pitch is performing and how “eye-catching” your subject line is! 

The cons? Your pitch won’t be personalized to the news outlet OR to the reporter. If the reporter receives multiple blanket pitches and notices it, they’re more prone to opt out of receiving your pitches from the distribution platform. 

Ultimately, as we’ve shared in this email series, the more personalized, researched, and relevant your pitch is, the more likely you are to get the reporter’s attention. It’s a worthwhile investment of time and resources to do what it takes to make a pitch noticed, and you’re more likely to get your desired result, too. 

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