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I’m walking every day in December and here’s why

I started a new challenge on Monday. It’s a “walk and write” challenge. Every day, for 31 days we walk, and we write the ideas that start to flow as we walk.

This challenge is giving me the opportunity to let my thoughts wander and engage my creativity. It’s also giving me the discipline of finding 10-15 minutes every day to do some sort of creative or free-flowing writing.

My goal for this challenge is to simply walk and write every day. It’s not difficult for me to walk… I have a 80 lb chocolate lab. Trust me… we walk every day! This challenge is changing two things:

  1. I walk “distraction-free” for at least one of our walks.
  2. After we walk, I grab my computer or cell phone and start writing. I don’t have to write for long. It’s amazing how much you can get done in 15 minutes when you don’t have pressure to write the perfect blog post or perfect ad copy for a client event.

With the work I do, I end up writing, reading, editing, tweaking, or brainstorming content for clients all day – every day. The refreshing part of this challenge is to not have an official “assignment.” I don’t HAVE to do this – I GET to do this.

I get caught up in so much ‘have to’ writing that I was looking for a more fun or engaging writing exercise that would get me feeling creative. I also like daily or weekly prompts to serve as tools to aid in the activity.

In our organizations, jobs, or businesses, we sometimes need an extra dose of inspiration to bring into our daily responsibilities and the work we do. This is part of what this challenge is doing for me.

Doing something for 31 days helps form a new habit. It helps you feel like you’ve made a real shift and changed things up at the end. I’m hoping to write at least one blog post every week. I think I can do more — heck, writing every day will hopefully provide a lot of material.

If you’re interested in joining me – I think there’s still time to sign up. Just go to: www.elizabethblue.net/walk

I hope you’ll follow along during this journey — I’ll be sharing updates on the blog along the way!

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