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How to Make Use of Summertime for Media Pitching

Welcome back to our Media Pitching Series with ideas contributed by our Public Relations Specialist, Mia Vaccaro. 

During the summer, a lot more is happening event-wise, and lots of reporters are out covering stories in person. The summer can also be a slow time for a lot of businesses. Some organizations may be enjoying a calm period before events ramp up in the fall. 

So how can you make the best use of this season when it comes to your media strategy?

This can be a great time to dedicate some extra time to planning for media pitching. Individually or with other team members, you can use this time to strategize, come up with angles, potential stories, and initiatives. 

If your organization has fall events, like many economic development organizations do, you should begin pitching your fall events to the media around this time. 

Here are some ideas of what you can share in pitches for your fall events and conferences: 

  • Share the story behind the event and the event’s purpose.
  • Include testimonials or historical pieces that demonstrate the community impact that the event has.
  • Invite the reporter to attend the event for an on-site coverage opportunity.
  • Offer exclusive interview opportunities with speakers and notable attendees.
  • Create a “sneak preview” of the event sharing specific topics, tools and takeaways that will be covered.

By getting on a reporter’s roster now, you’ll have a greater chance of getting coverage for your fall event. 

If you don’t have any specific media planning to do, use the summertime to create more photo assets. You can get pictures of the community and your team in action, create some photos that express your organization’s purpose and motivation, and take behind-the-scenes photos that show what your business stands for. These photos can be used for a variety of purposes throughout the rest of the year!

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Reimagining Places With You,
The PPR Strategies Team

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