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How to get blog ideas from co-workers (Part 2 of 4-part series)

So often, we can get stuck trying to create content consistently. In the last newsletter, we discussed how to map out a content calendar.

Today, we’ll discuss another way to get content ideas…

Ask your co-workers!

Content creation is a team sport and should not rest solely on the person who has the “marketing and communications” title.

There are other people in the organization with specific areas of expertise who can offer up relevant content ideas.

So, if you’re the marketing and communications coordinator, reach out to other members of the team.

You can collaborate together on content utilizing your individual strengths.

Consider interviewing them and asking questions, which makes it easier for them to brain dump. Or, perhaps they have ideas off the top of their head to share. You can record it in an app on your phone (most smartphones have a free voice recording software installed) so that they can talk freely and easily generate content.

One person can provide the expertise, and the other can put it into a document, edit it, come up with the photos, post and share it.

Then, both team members can share it, like on Facebook, and send to colleagues.

Have you ever tried collaborating with team members on content? What works for you? Please share with me, by leaving a comment below!

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