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How to create a content calendar (Part 1 of 4-part series)

Often, people get stuck trying to create Pulitzer Prize-worthy content for social media and newsletters, and then end up not creating anything at all.

It can be overwhelming trying to constantly create content. However, this process is much simpler when you break it down into a few steps.

The first place to start is mapping out your content calendar.

By mapping out content ideas for the upcoming quarter or even year ahead, it can give you ideas to work with and a plan… versus always trying to come up with new blogs on the fly.

If you didn’t create your content calendar at the beginning of the year, now is a great time to do so as we are going into springtime.

Start by mapping out the seasons and holidays over the next quarter or year, paying special note to holidays that align with some content your organization could be creating.

For example…

  • The first day of summer – “Summer events coming up!”
  • Cinco de Mayo – “Celebrate Cinco de Mayo with a tour of our local brewery”
  • National Blueberry Day – “Specials at the farm for National Blueberry Day!”

Even if the holiday isn’t an official holiday, it can give inspiration for some fun blog posts that give your organization some personality, versus always being in sales mode.

Share your thoughts on creating a content calendar by leaving a comment down below!

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