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How to Follow Up With the Media

Welcome back to our Media Pitching Series with ideas contributed by our Public Relations Specialist, Mia Vaccaro. 

So far, we’ve talked about the 3 things to do before making your pitch to the media and one important step not to skip when pitching to the media!

Once you’ve created your pitch that’s eye-catching, personalized, timely, and relevant to the media source, and then you’ve pressed “send” on the email… What’s the next step?

The next step is not just to play the waiting game. It’s very important to follow up!

Reporters’ inboxes are flooded every day with emails and requests. Take the extra step and make a phone call to the media to follow up with them! 

You’ll still want to send the pitch as an email first, so that all the information is in front of them. Unless your pitch is extremely time-sensitive, within four days, send them a follow up email or give them a call. 

If the story that you are pitching is time-sensitive, make sure you follow up in a timely manner and that they’re aware of the urgency! 

A follow-up call encourages reporters to go back to your original email. If they missed it the first time, this will ensure that you are getting back to the top of their inbox. 

When following up with a reporter, we suggest keeping it short, sweet and straight-forward. Follow up by simply reminding the journalist about the story you sent their way and why you think their readers would appreciate it. 

By including a follow-up phone call as part of your media pitching process, you’re sure to get more attention for your pitch and a greater chance of getting featured. It’s always worth taking this extra step!

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Reimagining Places With You,
The PPR Strategies Team

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