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Don’t Skip This Important Step When Pitching to The Media

Welcome back to our Media Pitching Series with ideas contributed by our Public Relations Specialist, Mia Vaccaro. 

In our last blog post, we talked about 3 important things to do when pitching to the media. And today, we’re sharing one more… 

If you’re thinking of pitching to the media, make sure to research the reporter you’re reaching out to and build a personal connection with them!

A lot of times, people don’t build personal connections with the reporters they’re making a pitch to. They might send out a mass pitch that isn’t catered to each individual person and outlet. Not only does this fail to leave a lasting impression, but this could lead to pitching to the wrong types of media outlets. 

When you take the time to learn about the media outlet and the reporter you’re pitching to, you can make your pitch personalized and you have a much greater chance of getting featured.

Before writing your pitch, find out the background of the reporter or writer. Tie in specific things you discover about them when reaching out and connect what you find to your story idea. 

You could do this by checking out their social media pages. What do they frequently take photos of or write posts about? For example, if you’re pitching something related to agriculture or tourism, and you see the reporter has posted photos from the local farmers market, you could tie that into your pitch.

You can also look at a recent article they wrote and reference that in your pitch. This shows you took the time to learn more about them and you did your research. 

Reporters appreciate when people take the time to build a personal connection. You’re much more likely to get that end result of the media hit you’re hoping for!

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