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How to Attract New Customers

We hear it all the time, “How does my business attract new customers?”   One answer doesn’t fit all scenarios.  You need to define why new customers aren’t walking in the door.  Are they aware your product or service exists?  Have you promoted your company to target audiences?  What information are you sharing about the business?

Start by understanding why you’re not attracting new customers, then prioritize your list.  What things can you change today?  They should be first on the checklist.  To whom will you assign these responsibilities?  What things need more time or money to develop?  Most businesses have multiple projects occurring at once.  Choose the top three that you can afford and your staff can support.  Know your expected outcomes and then match in-house resources with the tasks needing completion.

Communicate with your customers.  Current customers are your company’s best sales pitch.  Create a chat room or blog for customers to interact with you.  Have a presence on social networks.  Most informal discussions occur online.  If you’re not there, feedback isn’t reaching your ears.  Share this responsibility with your staff.  Be the expert.  Customers expect the company to be accountable.  Know your market and your product or service.  Send messages to your target audiences.  Change it depending on the demographic you want to reach. Show new customers why you are the best solution for their needs or wants and remind them on your website in your company newsletter and in your annual report.

Visibility is important.  New customers want to see what they are buying.  If your company isn’t out there at trade shows, online, at the next Chamber event or on your current customer’s lips when asked, “Who do you use?” Then make a change and be seen.  New customers will want to be included in your circle of influence.



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