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Google is making important changes – are you ready?

Recently I attended the Mid-Atlantic Marketing Summit. It was a great opportunity to connect with fellow marketing professionals and learn about new resources and tools.

One MAJOR takeaway I got?

Speakers emphatically stressed was that Google is making big changes in 2018 to how it creates and ranks search results, and is transitioning to “mobile-first indexing”.

What is mobile-first indexing, and what does it mean for you?

Mobile-first indexing means that whenever someone googles search terms that should pull up your website, your mobile website will come up first in search results. Google is making this change with the continuing trend of more people searching the Internet on their mobile devices.

So the big question for you is:

Is your website mobile-responsive and up to date?

Site selection consultants are searching for Economic Development Organizations online, and checking out your website first. If they can’t find you because your mobile site is nonexistent OR because your mobile site is not up to date, you will be missing out.

This is particularly important for many Economic Development Organizations who have not stayed current. So if you have not updated your website in a while, now is the time!

Next year at this time, you don’t want to be worried about not showing up in search rankings and wondering — what do we do now?? There’s still time, but you absolutely need to get this done now.

If your organization needs support with this, PPR Strategies can help you. Just contact us to start a conversation about getting our support preparing your website for these changes.

By taking time to set your mobile site up for success now, your organization can be ahead of the game next year!

‘Til next time,

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