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Google Ads Words for Economic Developers

With so many distractions and destinations on the internet, how do you get your community to rank with the best of them? We know search engine optimization is part of a healthy online presence plan, but Google AdWords, a paid advertising tool, can ramp up these efforts.

Google AdWords help economic developers boost community image.  It allows developers to purchase text ads or sponsored links related to their organization. These sponsored links are optimized to appear at the top of search engine results. This strategy puts your community at the top of search rankings, building more prospects, which ultimately means more business and livability in your community. The ability to choose words relevant to your community growth efforts enhance your chances to make it to the top of the page. Generate more traffic to your website, leading to more inquiry about the benefits of your community.

How Does AdWords Advance Your Goals?

These text ads or sponsored links, when bought, can be found at the top right side of the search engine results page.  The beauty of this is its ability to put your economic development office right in front of a person at the exact moment they’ve indicated interest in your location. This means you’re able to target who you want to talk to with a laser focus.


You can set a cost limit so you’re sure to stick with your budget. Plus, this form of paid advertising is significantly lower than traditional advertising options. Remember how much you spent on that full page ad in a business journal that isn’t tailored, trackable, or measurable?  Consider taking a more innovative approach with Google AdWords, when you know you’re reaching the right people, and only paying for results, not space.

Selecting Words that Work

The less specific your key phrase, the more competition there will be. Our suggestion is to use long-tail keywords to make the most impact. A long-tail keyword is a very specific phrase (typically more than three words). The advantage to this type of optimization is it tends to cost less, due to a reduction in competition. What’s even better? Because these efforts are so defined, the phrase will be seen by the most motivated and relevant target audience.

Target Your Efforts. Guide Them Where They Want to Go.

Consider sending your potential customer or client to the exact page they would be interested in. You will know your target audience best, but we wouldn’t suggest directing him or her to your economic development office’s home page. Consider guiding them to your demographic data or available properties page. You can also target your focus based on location. Are you interested in foreign investment or would you like to keep your efforts tailored to a specific region? Make sure your campaign reflects these intentions.

Track Your Results

Make sure to monitor your paid search campaigns so that adjustments can be made if necessary. Understanding your effectiveness will bring more traffic to your website, perking more interest in your community. Need help implementing this type of paid advertising in your economic development office? PPR Strategies can help you strategize, create your keywords and implement your campaign. Learn more about us by visiting www.platinumpr.com today.

Photo credit (should be included in photo caption): “Google Signs” by John Russell is licensed under CC BY 2.0

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