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Find a healthy disregard for the impossible

Larry Page is the CEO for Google Investor Relations.  The other night on the Charlie Rose show he shared that Google investors were looking for a healthy disregard for the impossible. When I Googled the phrase, Page’s 2012 message to Google investors emerged.  Apparently the phrase’s roots originate at the University of Michigan from a summer leadership course. In the CEO update Page stated, “It may sound nuts, but I’ve found that it’s easier to make progress on mega-ambitious goals than on less risky projects. Few people are crazy enough to try, and the best people always want to work on the biggest challenges.”

We at PPR Strategies see our firm as taking our clients ambitious goals to new levels.  We want to help each business or individual to see the possibilities rather than the distractions.  Sometimes a new pair of eyes can do just that.

When we review our client websites, we navigate through the site to view basic information.  Can we find contact details?  Are there visuals to match the business mission?  Do we identify with the feeling the client wants to portray?  This data generally gives us a direction to move forward.  Sometimes that means changing the site and other times we coach our clients into making new and exciting decisions to advertise their business online as well as they do it in person.

Cutting-edge technology has a tendency to scare people.  That’s why our graphic designers are always trying new designs.  Our writers are creating new content and our editors are testing new formats to present important data in a whole new frame.   Our team likes new and innovative challenges.  We want the opportunity to challenge your history and to provide a new path.

What’s the point in staying in business if you aren’t having fun?  Test the limits.  Let PPR Strategies help you to see the negative images in a sea of black and white.  We can serve as your guides providing our expertise in public relations, event planning, branding and marketing.   We can bring the excitement back into your business.  You know you want to take the plunge and have a healthy disregard for the impossible.

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