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How to Incorporate Facebook Live at Paid Events

I’ve had a lot of people ask me about Facebook Live videos — how to get started with them and how to incorporate them into their organization that does a lot of events.

The main struggle people come to me with is that they don’t want to do Facebook Live at events they charge people for. The concern is that they don’t want to give content away for free online if they’re charging people who are sitting in the room.

My solution is to incorporate Facebook Live in a few different ways, like:

Tip #1: Utilize Facebook Live to promote the event.

Interview speakers, your president or CEO, a panel member, or someone else that can articulate the event details and why somebody would want to attend the event. This is providing helpful previews of what they will experience at the event and why they should attend.

Tip #2: During the event, think of it as giving people an online experience that really teases out the content.

Perhaps you only Facebook Live for 10 to 15 minutes of the event. Facebook has found that on average, people watch a live video more than three times longer when it is live compared to when it is not live. So this is a great opportunity to promote your organization!

Tip #3: Facebook recommends filming for at least 10 minutes to give people a chance to watch and then share with their friends.

If your event is only an hour long, perhaps you only record for two to three minutes. If the event is a full day (six+ hours), you can go for 10-15 minutes without feeling like you’re giving away the content.

Tip #4: You could also do a combination of filming live interviews and teasing the content to promote the event.

During the event, you can film live testimonials from people there in the room. Then, the next time you have an event, you can promote with the video testimonials and show people that this event is a can’t-miss activity.

The idea is that you use Facebook Live in a way that works for you. By taking advantage of the opportunities to promote your event, you could increase attendance for this event AND future events.

So… will YOU be trying out Facebook Live at your next event? I’d love to know. 🙂

‘Til next time,

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