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8 Weeks of Joy: Experiencing the Holidays Through Little Eyes

Welcome back to our 8 Weeks of Joy series!

For the 8 weeks leading up to the new year, we’re highlighting different team members who will be sharing something they’re doing that brings them joy or spreads joy to others!

Last week, Kayla shared her joy of surprising her family with an unexpected visit. Today, our Director of Client Relations, Hanna is sharing what’s bringing her joy during the holiday season.

Here’s Hanna.

During this holiday season, we all get to experience some magic amidst the fun, but what brings me most joy is experiencing that magic with my three children. Stella, who’s four, Reed, who’s two, and Beau, who’s just eleven weeks old, make every holiday season even more magical than the last as we navigate this phase of our family’s life. This year especially as we now are a family of five!

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had to let go of control over the ornament placement and any kind of theme to the decorating, but their excitement makes it so much more fun than a perfect tree ever could.

The oldest two have really begun to get into all that comes with the holidays and it’s heartwarming to hear their little voices singing Christmas songs they learned in school. Even when I’m not with them, their excitement over seeing Christmas lights makes me excited to see them and planning new routes home from evening activities to show them a home that went all out with lights.


As we go into this season, I encourage all of you to take some time to enjoy the holidays through a child’s eyes. It’s brought me so much more joy, and it’s also a reminder that time is flying by. So, take a breather, enjoy, and feel some child-like excitement this season.

Reimagining Places With You,
Hanna and the PPR Strategies Team

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