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8 Weeks of Joy: Surprising Family with an Unexpected Visit

Welcome back to our 8 Weeks of Joy series!

For the 8 weeks leading up to the new year, we’re highlighting different team members who will be sharing something they’re doing that brings them joy or spreads joy to others!

Last week, Mia shared her joy of shopping small at local craft fairs (and treating her 3 fur babies to local treats).

Today, our Social Media Coordinator, Kayla, is sharing what brings her joy.

Here’s Kayla…

When thinking about how I could spread joy this holiday season, I knew I wanted to do something with my family.

Shortly after my mom started undergoing treatment for breast cancer earlier this year, I ended up moving 150 miles away for work, and my brother moved back onto his college campus. I knew she would miss having both of us at home and could use a distraction from the dark cloud of a cancer diagnosis, so we (with lots of help from our dad) hatched a plan: a surprise visit home!

After my work day ended the night before my mom’s final Friday morning chemo appointment, I drove back to my apartment in Frederick, tossed a few more items in my overnight bag, and headed out for my 2.5-hour drive up to northeastern Pennsylvania. 

When I arrived home, my dad opened the front door and *misleadingly* said something to my mom about her Amazon package arriving (spoiler: I wasn’t the Amazon delivery guy)… and I walked in to reveal the surprise to her! Despite confusion about how and why I was there, she was happy to see me and stayed up a while longer to watch a show we both love before preparing for the following day.

On Friday morning, I was her sole companion at the hospital to keep her company. However, my dad and Nana were waiting in the lobby to join her end-of-chemotherapy bell-ringing celebration! After a few more “OMGs” upon seeing them, she rang the bell, stamped her fingerprint on the hospital’s wall of warriors, and we all shared our final embraces with the hospital staff. (We also brought donuts and goodie bags to her nurses for a little extra joy-spreading!)

The final surprise? My brother, who had classes through Friday morning and afternoon, arrived home soon after our family lunch excursion for the final surprise appearance. We all played board games, had dinner, and enjoyed the fact that she was finally DONE with her dreaded weekly chemotherapy treatments.

So, next time you need a little joy, know that quality time with your loved ones, or even something as simple as a game of Scrabble, can make all the difference! If I learned anything from my mom’s journey this year, it’s that staying positive, continuing to do what you love, and surrounding yourself with supportive people can help you fight through the curveballs of life. Life is short, so make the most of it!

Wishing you health and happiness,

Kayla and the PPR Strategies team

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