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Don’t Forget to Thank Your Clientele During this Season of Appreciation

As Thanksgiving is fast approaching, everyone is expressing their gratitude. What about your business or organization? Have your customers, clients or members been thanked?

Customer appreciation can boost your visibility, enhance your brand, and make customers feel good about supporting your business. Not to mention, customers are more likely to return when they feel special. Here’s what you can do during this Thanksgiving season to express thanks to the people who make your business what it is, your customers!

Don't forget to thank your customers this Holiday season.

Simply say thank you Show your appreciation via social media to customers, vendors or community members for their support. Or, go the old school route and send a thank you letter or a holiday card to your most appreciated customers.

Offer customer appreciation discounts Let your customers know you appreciate their business by offering free samples or sales. Be sure to advertise your specials via social media, flyers, and advertisements.

Start a loyalty program It’s no secret that consumers love discounts. Offer a buy one get one free deal or similar deal. It will definitely get people to come back!

Host a customer appreciation event. This one takes more effort than a card or letter, but if you have a good group of loyal customers you really appreciate, it will be well worth the time. Tailor the event to your business. Wine shops can hold a special wine tasting for their regular customers or a salon could hold a ‘how to’ workshop. You could even turn such an event into an annual event that your regulars will look forward to each year.

Give a shout out Show a very special customer how much you appreciate them with a special shout out in your monthly newsletter. Another idea is to have a hall of fame with your special regulars for the holiday seasons.

No matter how you show thanks to your special customers this Thanksgiving season, it will surely be appreciated.

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