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Our discoveries from the TikTok Challenge – Part 2

Last week, we shared some of our discoveries from the PPR Strategies TikTok Challenge, which our team did together to test the platform for businesses, see what we could learn, and have some fun!

We had a blast creating playful TikTok videos inspired by the trending audio clips and video styles. Through this process, we learned a lot about posting videos to social media platforms.

Here’s one of the videos we created… inspired by the trend “#dayinthelife”!

And here are three more of our takeaways from our TikTok Challenge:

Keeping Up With The Trends Increases Engagement

Keeping up with trends is so crucial to staying relevant, and staying relevant means you’ll get more views, likes, and engagement.

It can be challenging to create content in advance because trends change so quickly, so we found that it’s best to record content and use it within the same week. To improve views, use trending hashtags and audio clips, including music, voiceovers, or other clips.

Keep a balance between fun, playful content and content relevant to your business or organization. We tried out different types of content that included product demonstrations/displays, showcasing our team/talent, giving marketing tips, and more.

We found the content that performed the best was TikTok trends applied to PR/marketing. The second-highest performing videos had content that showed off our team and office environment.

It’s All About Your Target Audience!

Our biggest takeaway (which wasn’t a surprise!) was that the success of your videos on any social media platform always comes back to your target audience.

TikTok’s largest demographic is users in their teens, followed by users in their 20s. Older audiences aren’t as active on TikTok (and might never be). We found we really liked the editing features of the TikTok app, which was a benefit of creating the videos there and then sharing them to Instagram. However, ultimately, if your target audience isn’t on TikTok, building a presence there won’t be worth your time.

When planning a strategic social media campaign, get clear on what social media platform your ideal customer avatar would be using, and put your focus there! If you don’t know where your customers are, you could do what we did… and experiment!

Finally… It’s OK to Have Some Fun!

Finally, it’s ok to laugh at yourself. The video challenge gave us the chance to have some fun as a team, not take ourselves seriously, and flex our creative muscles. Sometimes, it’s great to try things out, get a little messy, and see what you can learn. Give yourself permission to play with your creative edge a little bit… You never know what you’ll discover!

Has our TikTok Challenge inspired you in any way? Leave a comment below to share!

‘Til next time,

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